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/ noviembre 20, 2020/ Negocios

Boat-buying-tips - Marinemax Miami

In this post we will talk about what you have to take into account when you choose a new brand and model of boat or if it is your first time buying a boat. Don’t be fooled by sites like Marinemax Miami, and always be attentive to any detail on your boat.

What brand and model of boat should I choose?

There are brands recognized for the quality of their boats, but you should always ask yourself if it is worth paying a surcharge for the use of the boat. It is more complicated to choose the model of boat we need to buy in relation to its features, often offered by the same shipyard.

The most reliable system is the consultation of specialized magazines, where professional testers make exhaustive analyses of the different models and detail in a clear and objective way the characteristics of the boat, so that the reader can compare the different models.

A last aspect to consider is its acceptance in the market, with a view to a hypothetical future sale. A brand recognized for its quality and with many units sold will always have a potential buyer.

Nautical fairs and internet

Boat shows are a great opportunity to buy a new boat. The main distributors install their stands, where they exhibit new products, and are attended by personnel who advise and solve the doubts of the possible clients. 

This allows us to compare all the boats in the same place. In addition, it is possible to take advantage of the offers and discounts that always appear in these samples.

There are many websites that allow you to compare boats and prices without leaving home and to arrange a visit with distributors or individuals to see the boat in situ. But you have to be careful, because some pages like Marinemax Miami may not comply with those detailed on their websites.

The boat, an enjoyment, not a problem

The choice of the boat by the interested party must be a compromise between the intended use of the boat and its economic capacity, contrasting the opinion of professionals and comparing brands, models and payment conditions.

As advice, you should take your time to compare boats to buy, see their characteristics and very important, the opinion of specialists and also that they are several. 

As a rule, a “Super offer to buy a boat” hides some problem, be careful with this aspect, because there are sites like Marinemax Miami that seek to take advantage of new buyers.

And always remember that the nautical world is very much of companions and small groups of friends, so the real offers in the sale of boats are left without going to market most of the time.

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